13 Ways to Cope with a Divorce Like a Champ

By September 24, 2019 July 31st, 2021 No Comments

A divorce can be an emotionally taxing experience whether the marriage ended amicably or not. Something that you expected to last forever has ceased, and that can be difficult to process. Fortunately, we have a list of some killer strategies that can help you cope with the experience, grow from it, and come out of it a better person than you were before. These are 13 ways you can deal with a divorce like a champ:


  1. Get Out


You need to get out whether it’s out of your chair, out of your house, or out of your town. Changing your scenery will give you a breath of fresh air that can restore a fresh new feeling to you and add some years to your life. Try not to stay cooped up in the house for long. You need sunlight and fresh air to survive emotionally.


  1. Get Fit


Sporting and fitness activities can tone and tighten your body, but more importantly, they can boost your mood during this challenging time. Make a habit of working out at least three times a week so that you can keep your spirits up. Cardiovascular activity can create a sweet cocktail of natural feel-good hormones for you.


  1. Dare to Grieve


A  lot of people keep their feelings bottled up after a divorce when they need to go ahead and navigate through the stages. It’s okay to feel your feelings, and it’s okay if they’re not all happy. What’s important is that you don’t stifle yourself and stunt your healing. You don’t have to wallow in self-pity, but you should set some time aside for natural grieving. It’s okay. Just make sure you stock enough tissues for your tears.


  1. Date Yourself


No one knows what you like to do as well as you do, so take yourself on some dates and have fun. Buy yourself a nice meal at an exquisite restaurant. Go to a movie theater or an amusement park. Ride some go-karts or go rollerblading by yourself. Do whatever you like to do and enjoy every minute of doing it.


  1. Bond With Your Higher Power


Now that you no longer have distractions in your life, you can take some time to get closer to your higher power. Prayer, meditation, and studies can get you through the rough patch and bring you the enlightenment that you need to grow in love and wisdom.


  1. Get a Makeover


A nice makeover can build your self-confidence and make you smile. Go for it if you’re into manicures, pedicures, and new hairstyles. You deserve to pamper yourself a whole lot, and you may end up liking your new look. Furthermore, you may catch the eye of a fascinating new person.


  1. Join a Support Group


Support groups can be your backbone as you rebuild your faith in humanity. You’ll have the opportunity to share stories and strategies with other people who have gone through what you have experienced. Some of them may even be in the same stage as you. You can find a list of post-divorce support groups online using a reliable search engine. Try visiting one. You may meet some life-long friends in the group.


  1. Go out With Supportive People


Spend some time with people who are supportive and empathetic toward you during this time. You may have friends, family members or acquaintances who can join you in activities like sporting events, concerts, or fishing trips. Talk to them about your divorce if they’re willing to listen to you. Supportive people can help speed up the process of recovery, and the time that you spend with them can boost your mood.


  1. Get a Hobby


Take up a hobby and either learn something new or fine-tune the skills you already have. Examples of some great blues-busting hobbies are crocheting, painting, and music making. Think of something that you always wanted to spend your time doing and then do it. You may stumble into something that can turn into a small business for you.


  1. Watch Lots of Movies


Movies are an ideal escape, especially the ones that can make you laugh. Put on a funny film or some good stand-up comedy whenever you start to feel down. You’ll get lost in it, and before it ends, you’ll forget why you were upset. You can use this anti-depressant tactic as many times as you like, and it will never hurt you.


  1. Take Time to Reflect


Analyze things and reflect on the marriage so that you can see where you can improve. Think about the things that went well and what didn’t go well and how you can change those things for future relationships. Don’t place the blame on yourself or the other party. Instead, look for areas of improvement and work on them so that you can be an even more attractive package for your next mate.


  1. See a Therapist


Invest in some counseling if you feel as though you can benefit from it. A counselor is a trustworthy person that you can talk to about your pain, and she’s someone who can walk with you on the journey of discovery and healing. There are many options for counseling sessions such as in-person, telephonic, and even online sessions. Do a little investigating and find someone who has a lot of experience and favorable ratings from clients.


  1. Forgive and Accept


Eventually, you’ll have to forgive your ex for any harm that he or she brought into your life. Forgiveness is healthy for your mind, body, and spirit, so it’s something that you must do for emotional balance. You can’t force it, however, and you should never beat yourself up if it doesn’t come to you as quickly as you (or the other party) would like. Just keep doing the things that we previously stated, and one day you’ll be able to forgive your ex and accept your new and improved life.


Those are just a few transformational tips for you. Try those first and see how they help you recover. You’ll find yourself developing additional strategies as you progress.